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Our Clients Say It Best ...

“I have not smoked since the first session that I had with you at the clinic in 1985. You know that I am an auctioneer, and at the time of the session, I was an addicted smoker – four packs of cigarettes a day and a pipe! Even a throat operation for a mass that was found to be benign did not motivate me to quit smoking, although I wanted to. I was losing my voice and needed help to quit the addiction. You were there for me. You gave me the mental tools to quit. I could not have done it without you.”

                                                — Bernie Dworkin


“After the very first session, I did not feel the desire to smoke and still have no real desire to smoke cigarettes. I tried to quit smoking before, but the desire to smoke was always present. Not so with your program.
                                                —Maria Gutierrez


“Another problem I had in the past was gaining weight when I was trying to quit smoking. With your program, I don’t even think about eating until I feel hungry. I feel confident that the pounds will be coming off with ease. I believe that anyone who tries your program will stop smoking.

                                                — Claudia Hyatt


“I was a slave to cigarettes. I would panic when I discovered I had smoked my last cigarette at 10pm and couldn’t get to the store to buy more. I couldn’t sit through a concert or a movie without getting up and going to the lobby, or outside for a cigarette. No one wants to breathe your smoke. I was an outcast on an bus, in a restaurant, or someone’s home. You can’t be free….if you are hooked on cigarettes, you must carry the monster with you every moment of the day. Thanks for helping me get rid of the monster!?

                                                — Nina L. Schauer


“After having smoked for over 27 years, with only one unsuccessful attempt to stop. I have finally and permanently gone from three packs a day to none. I now have complete independence from the poison of nicotine. The feeling is exhilarating!”

                                                — Joseph G. DuPuis


“You said it would work, so I relaxed and took a deep breath and now, 18 month later, I can think of no more horrible thought than lighting a cigarette. As a psychologist, I knew the cognitive and behavioral mechanisms necessary for successful habit control. As a smoker, I just couldn’t or wouldn’t stop. Your methods for hypnotic induction and post-hypnotic suggestion are excellent. Your voice is relaxing and your support was tremendous. I applaud your skills and will continue to recommend your services.”

                                                — Jeffery C. Siegel, Ph.D.


“I have not had the urge, craving, or desire for cigarettes since I became an apprehensive client of Shawn Mash. The program is so painless and effortless….you did all the work for me.”

                                                — A. Adam Gallo


“I tried to quit smoking many times on my own, and in a group with the American Cancer Society, but nothing worked. The very first night of your program, I was very anxious, but I left a non-smoker. I haven’t touched one since, have no desire to smoke and for the first time in my life, I know I have quit.”

                                                — John Weil