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When I first met Shawn Mash, I wasn’t new to the subject of hypnotism. In the mid ’60s, in my college days, a group of four of us got together and took turns playing hypnotist or subject allowing us to cram more study material into the available time.

On Smoking…

For fear of lung cancer about six years ago, I decided it was time to quit smoking. My wife kept telling me smoking was no good for my health. In fact cigarettes were killing me but it would be a few years before this would be diagnosed.

I had been smoking for 35 years and was amazed at how painless Shawn’s Stop Smoking Process was. It got rid of the craving and desire to smoke. It got me in control of those voices in my head that told me I needed to smoke. I was able to reach a state of relaxation with my eyes open, just like I felt when I was hypnotized in Shawn’s office. It worked for me. I had finally found the key.

On Alcohol…

Two years after I quit smoking, I saw Shawn again, this time for my problem with alcohol. I was powerless over my desiree to drink and needed guidance to reprogram my thinking. Over a Six’ week period, I re-Iearned how to relax, stay in the now and not let the voices in my mind get me to drink.

On Anxiety…

Two years later I called to set another appointment with Shawn. I was having serious business difficulties. When I stepped into the waiting room, his wife, Zelda, took one look at my eyes and interrupted Shawn m’ the middle of a session. Shawn saw it was an emergency, and thought the room was fiill, he hypnotized me, helped me relax and relieved my anxiety. He was so successful removing my fear and pain I didn’t want to come out of the hypnotic trance. I finally felt so safe.

On Cancer…

A year ago, I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Since people have some control over their won bodies that they may not be aware of, I went back to see Shawn. We proceeded down the path to try to cure the cancer.

On Visualization and Imagery…

Shawn told me a story about another client with a tumor right in his heart. To help him fight his cancer, Shawn taught him guided imagery. He explained that a cancer cell looked like a round circle with a knob on the outside. Those knobs are not supposed to be there and that’s how doctors identify a cancer cell. After a while those knobs get kind of clever and suck themselves inside the cells so appear just like a healthy cell. The medication the client was taking was supposed to expose the cancer cells, sort of make them drop their camouflage. Another medication he was taking excited T -cells to attack the cancer cells and speed up the healing process.

After being hypnotized he was given imagery suggestions that he was very tiny enough to go through the needle with his medication. He would visualize himself carrying three kinds of flares. The first was called 5FU and with its burn orange light would light up the cancer cells. The other flares were blue/green and green/blue. He would go into his body, light up the whole area around the tumor exposing it in brilliant burnt orange light and begin blasting it away. Through waking hypnosis he would go into his body again and again to fight the tumor. His wife, who was in the room with him’ as he was hypnotized, asked that she too be hypnotized so she could go with her husband to help him fight the tumor. One time he blasted the tumor away and couldn’t even see it.

Although I have not been successful in reaching the ultimate target, hypnosis’ power has helped me keep it under control and make like a lot easier. I’ve enjoyed a quality of life the past year that has been much better than I expected. The hospice people who were on vacation commented that I looked like a million bucks when they got back. They had experienced much more degeneration over that two-week period. My secret of course was hypnosis with Shawn.

Getting Closer to God…

Working with Shawn revived my spirituality. I remember he told me when I was under: God is as close to you as you want Him’ to be. When you say the words: I believe in God, you automatically place yourself in God’s Grace. Shawn told me that being in God’s grace meant that I would not be able to see Him, but that God would be able to see me. These words really got through to me. I always believed in the existence of God and looked at God as a universal intelligence. Though I was brought up Episcopalian, I never believed the acceptance of Jesus Christ was “the way.”

Shawn didn’t believe the healing process could happen without a relationship with God. Though he’s Jewish and I’m protestant, he gently bestowed some of his values upon me. And I came to see that the God of my understanding was had a scientific outlook. A Respect for Hypnotherapy.

I knew hypnotherapy was a powerful tool. I just didn’t understand how it worked. Shawn taught me how the mm’d works and how to stay in the “now” part so I don’t get caught up m’ stuff and feel trapped, crazy and anxious. The best part is anyone can learn it! I know because I did.

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