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Dear Shawn,

Incredible, the program is simply incredible! All of my worst (and deepest) fears about what it would be like to be a non-smoker were “attended” to in only one hour.

I was ready to quit, but at the same time was nervous and afraid. The biggest fear in my mind, I think, was that age old problem of gaining weight. I knew I would eat constantly if I didn’t smoke anymore. Well, I have been a non-smoker for 10 days and have lost 2 pounds! For me that is a victory in itself; an added bonus for the initial ”problem”.

I also was afraid of becoming, shall we say “less than personable” – rude, short with fiends, etc. because I was so unhappy that I couldn’t have a cigarette. The difference is that because I don’t want a cigarette I am not on “edge”. The desire is gone….which is the reason the program is so fantastic. No more craving a cigarette! What a joy not be “hooked”. I feel much more productive with my time when I think about the wasted hours sitting and smoking I am able to get so much more accomplished. I didn’t know what I would do with my time, but now it feels fabulous to know I have quality time.

The overall feelings I have about myself are very nice, very warm.

The relaxation ( hypnosis) is a beautiful experience and clears your mind out of all the daily “junk”.

I truly thought (believed) that getting myself to be a non-smoker would be the worst experience I could ever imagine myself going through. However, the entire experience has been a great deal more painless than I had imagined. The hypnosis was a little frightening to consider but the methods used for total relaxation were tremendous. I was apprehensive about going “under”, but the whole process is amazingly “easy” to accomplish and has a wonderful effect on your entire system, emotionally and physically. I am convinced that the success of the program lies in the fact – feeling relaxed – completely — and letting all the “good feelings” inside so the desire for a cigarette is gone.

I am recommending this program to friends that started out just like me …. wanting to quit, knowing we “should quit”, but with

mountains of fears built up about what it would be like to not smoke anymore.

Thanks for being in Dallas.


Kathy Burke

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