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In 20 years of practice as an Occupational Therapist in Psychiatric settings, I have observed the skills of many therapists using hypnosis. I also knew Shawn’s original teacher and mentor. I feel qualified to give a professional opinion. Shawn Mash is among the best hypnotherapists in the profession.

Hypnosis like many therapies is both a science and an art. Shawn is gifted. A gifted’ listener, he creates suggestions that address the unspoken desires of a client. A person can be surprised to hear a word so specific to an unconscious need that s/he can suddenly embrace the suggestion with joy. Shawn has the rare ability to do this.

From my personal experience, he is the best. In 1985, after 35 years of smoking, Shawn freed me of my addiction m’ less than 3 sessions. His post -hypnotic suggestions worked so well that I did not gain weight. Nor have I had any craving for cigarettes since then.

Several years later, I did experience a diagnosis of cancer of the neck. It had started m’ a location at the side of the neck, The throat was actually the fourth stage. I was facing major surgery. My surgeon counseled me that it was my only chance to live. And my chance of survival of surgery was only 10%.

I was livm‘g m’ Hawaii at the the Shawn immediately sent his wife to Hawaii with a tape to prepare me for the surgery and recovery. My speed of recovery was astonishing to my caretakers. I was off tubes, taking‘ my showers at will, and eating solids within days. My appetite was ferocious. It felt like my body was charging ahead with me just tagging along- I was home and walking a mile in 12 days.

The medical professionals were still cautious. They counseled me to get my affairs in order. They quoted statistics that only 30 % of others m’ my Circumstances were alive in two years. Furthermore only 30% of those survivors were alive in 5 years. I continued ti use Shawn’s tape daily. I still go to Shawn for help with problems.

After 12 years, I am still alive and remained in remission. I am convinced that there is only one real difference between my experience and the treatment of those who died. It was the intervention of hypnosis by Shawn Mash.

I am truly grateful,

Patricia Dopson, OTR

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