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Shawn W. Mash, President of Professional Dynamics, Inc. is a recognized authority on clinical hypnosis and the behavioral sciences.

In addition to his private practice and group therapy programs, he provides seminars which combine behavior change roles with human relationship skill building. These seminars can positively and dramatically affect career development.

Shawn participated in various degree programs at the University of Texas @ Dallas, SMU, Cornell University and the University of Boston.  He has lectured extensively throughout the United States and abroad.

Shawn serves as a consultant to major corporations, advising on stress management, habit and addiction control, communication skills, motivation development and professional sales techniques.

Before forming Professional Dynamics, Inc., in 1980, Shawn W. Mash became well known in the Dallas area through his work at Davisson Clinics.  He served as the Executive Director and during his tenure, developed programs that helped thousands of people, not only achieve their desired goals, but to remain in control of their lives.  For eighteen years prior to this, Shawn was the Sales Training Director for a national building corporation.  He then spent the next ten years as an Educational Training and Youth Director for a private school.  This background proved suitable to the establishment of Professional Dynamics, Inc.

Shawn offers programs on weight control, smoking cessation, stress relief, relaxation techniques, motivation methods, and any situation where greater control of your mind can help you.  He is also an expert Handwriting Analyst and consults with companies and individuals to help evaluate potential employees in hiring procedures and propensity toward long-term personal commitments.

To some people, Shawn W. Mash can best be described as a negotiator and master motivator.  Others see his as a lecturer and teacher who opens new avenues for self-discovery.  Still others see him as a skillful therapist and change-agent who affects physiological change through attitude change.  Currently, he is compiling his many proven techniques into a soon to be published book entitled, “Use What You Have To Get The Thing You Want But Don’t Have.”  Also keep an eye out for many of his programs to appear in the form of video kits to increase the availability of his techniques.

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